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It’s hard to believe how time flies… It was 10 years ago this month that Houston’s Ultimate 80s Dance Band- The Lost Boys- were booked for quite a gig: helping to save lives on Texas roads and highways.

The band was picked by the Texas Department of Transportation (TX DOT) to write and record a new theme song for a campaign to encourage Texans everywhere to “Buckle Up” on Texas roadways.

The band then set out to come up with a song that would fit the campaign’s theme and goals. Keyboardist Andrew Richardson and guitarist Michael Lee co-wrote the tune, “Edge of Danger,” with an eclectic Latin pop influence. The track was recorded at Backstage Music Studio in Cypress, TX. Singer Renee Edd, having worked with MTV on past projects, was featured as the principal character in the accompanying music video for the campaign.

Dallas media producer Jay Johnson produced the music video for TX DOT. After finding what was deemed the “perfect location” for the concept, the band, producer, director, and a huge technical crew descended upon an auto salvage yard in Spring, TX. The crew-call for the band was at 1am!

After several hours of filming into the wee hours of the morning, the shoot was finally completed. (We were just glad it was all done in a junkyard instead of a graveyard!) In addition to a successful run airing on television throughout the Lone Star state, the entire campaign became a staple in certain defensive driving courses held around the state. In the end, The Lost Boys secured a whole new captive audience….albeit an audience of would-be criminals trying to get out of traffic tickets!

Like we learn in the video, time flies…especially when we don’t buckle up. Good thing more and more Texans have learned they “better buckle up” thanks to The Lost Boys…for 10 years and counting!


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